Worldwide shipping

Breakdown of delivery charges

Larger purchases = lower delivery charges

Costings of our delivery charges are made up as follows:

  1. Courier charges (fuel surcharges are added to normal rate charged by most couriers; certain postal areas also incur additional costs).
  2. Packaging (box, packing material, tape, franking labels, plastic envelope for invoice).
  3. Insurance (every order is insured)
  4. PC solely for labelling and manifest processing etc. (PC is replaced every 2 years).
  5. Licence fee annually paid, for Royal Mail Collections.
  6. Two members of staff mainly employed for packing orders.
  7. Documentation (extra paperwork is often required on many courier deliveries).
  8. Free delivery (We do appreciate that some practices and universities are closed during this period, however we cannot offer free
    delivery to house/home addresses due to extra courier/postal charges; this includes practices based or registered at these addresses).