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Oculus orders only accepted from UK & Ireland
Prices have been discounted and are nett. All Prices are in ST£ (Sterling UK Pounds).

Which is the best way to contact you?

For all orders and enquiries either email us at or alternatively you can ring us on 029 2073 5293.

If I have a problem with an instrument which is the best way to contact you?

Send an email immediately to and include your original invoice number and date and if relevant clear pic(s) showing area of instrument you are concerned about. If instrument needs to be returned to Louis Stone, an RMA number will be sent to you. Do not send back any instrument without an RMA number.

I know you only sell brand new instruments why shouldn’t I buy cheaper second hand items from other companies?

Many of these instruments you order will not only be used during your degree studies but throughout your career. We give guarantees on our instruments which our suppliers and manufacturers will only accept if they have traceability of source via valid documentation which we can provide.

Are there any further discounts on your prices ?

All online prices quoted are nett (exc of vat and delivery), there are no additional discounts. For better prices why not look at special offers section; especially on Volk lens and Oculus trial frames.

Do you sell instruments worldwide and what are the procedures for making an online purchase?

We welcome all export orders, and have been selling instruments to optometrists and students worldwide for over 15 years. Note Oculus and Volk product orders can only be accepted from UK and Ireland. In certain circumstances due to currency and fuel fluctuations we might have to request further delivery charges but will contact you on receipt of order.

What is your position regarding guarantees/replacements?

All instruments are guaranteed for up to 12 months [ most Volks have a 10 year guarantee whilst remainder have four or two years] , for defects in materials and workmanship of lens only. We cannot be held responsible for wear and tear, misuse of instruments or poor maintenance. Where instructions are provided with instruments, always adhere to contents. For guarantee/warranty always have your original invoice details and product information to hand.

Could you explain position with Vat charges etc ?

We do not charge any UK vat on non UK orders. Due to Brexit we are now having to provide fuller details on sales invoices re commodity codes, country of product origin etc. You are therefore responsible for any vat/local taxes/admin charges in country of receipt requested by the local courier or customs office. We will not accept returns if you refuse to pay the above charges when requested.

What is position regarding deliveries to university optical departments?

Where you have requested delivery to your university optical department, your order will be sent to this address. Not all university optical departments have a manned desk for this type of delivery, so please check. During busy periods we try to send out several orders in one delivery twice a week to your department. Rather than contact us regarding delivery please ask admin staff in your department or optical technicians.

What is your position regarding orders sent to home addresses?

As we keep a good inventory in stock if we receive your order by 4.00pm any weekday it will be sent out overnight. Delays of more than 5 days we will keep you informed. Depending on value of order delivery will be either by 1st Class Post, Recorded Post, Royal Mail Special Delivery or in certain curcumstances due to value via courier. Delivery is made to property front door. Due to insurance requirements a delivery cannot be left in a porch, shed, garage or wheelie bin etc...... We are not responsible if you have provided an incorrect address or contact details.

If I am not at home for delivery can the postman leave the parcel next door?

Regrettably we cannot be held responsible for this type of delivery should parcel go astray, neither are we able to instruct delivery company to contact you by mobile phone on day of delivery.

Could you provide full information on Volks?

Ordering Volks

We stock at least 300 pcs+ (non engraved) of the most popular models in all colours. Those models we have to order in, normally take 10 working days.

Volks ordered engraved will take around 10 working days for delivery as process is done in house using a precision method. We recommend engraved Volks for security purposes, due to replacing at least 50 non engraved Volks a year which have gone missing. Engraving identifies your Volk immediately.

Volk lens cleaning/ loose lens

Always clean with a soft cloth not too firmly, but always in a clockwise direction. See cleaning instructions with your order. Should your lens come loose from casing (this happens occasionally) please contact with your invoice number and date of your original order.

Could you provide all information on Oculus trial frame and parts?

Ordering Oculus trial framess

We are the largest official distributor of all Oculus trial frames which is reflected in our very competitive prices. These include the Oculus UB4 (42500) Trial Frame, Oculus UB6 (42600) Trial Frame, Oculus UB3 (42180) Trial Frame, Oculus Child’s Half Eye (42480) Trial Frame with Fixed Bridge, Oculus Child’s Half Eye (42488) Trial Frame with Adjustable Bridge, Oculus Adult’s Half Eye (42580) Trial Frame with Fixed Bridge, Oculus Adult’s Half Eye (42588) Trial Frame with Adjustable Bridge.

Delivery is overnight due to the large inventory of stock we carry.

Looking after Oculus Trial Frames

Please read all instructions enclosed with your order. Special attention must be made when adjusting temple tips due to their precision finish and the bridge mechanism. Note segments on back of eye pieces are not moulded into section but are clipped in. Always clean your Oculus after use .

Oculus parts

We are the only official distributor who keep in stock over 50 different parts that you might require. Should you require a part not stocked we will endeavour to obtain it for you, either email us at or alternatively you can ring us on 029 2073 5293.

What is position regarding repairs of Volk lens and Oculus trial frames?

Should you have a problem we keep a number of parts in stock and are able to carry out most repairs in house within a few days.

I know your prices are very competitive on Volks & Oculus Trial Frames but I have seen lower prices on other company websites?

  • Louis Stone has been in the optical industry for over 70 years. We do not hide behind PO Box numbers. Our full address and contact numbers are on our website and all of our literature. Over 500 students and customers visited our offices and warehouse last year.
  • Always check these instruments are genuine, there are a lot of fake Oculus UB4s from the Far East on several websites. In the last 6 months a number of lookalike Volks have also appeared on websites.
  • Always check carriage charges. What might appear a lower headline price soon becomes a higher price when £15-£24.95 of carriage comes into the calculation.
  • We offer free delivery on all on all orders over £100+ (exclusive of VAT and delivery charge) delivered to a UK university department or UK mainland optical practice.
  • Delivered to a UK Mainland optical practice or university optometry department.
  • Always retain invoice and any product instructions.
  • All of our Volks & Oculus Trial Frames are genuine products and guaranteed. Always refer to our Volk & Oculus offers for further savings.

We know you supply a lot of student products but do you support any student optometry activities such as social events and charity causes?

Louis Stone have for many years been supporting student events/society balls overseas visits (where eyecare services are provided) and vision related charities. This has been done via sponsorship, raffle prizes, instruments and other equipment. We currently give out prizes to third year students (best in a particular discipline) on completion of their degrees and to Students of several UK universities who have attained highest marks in year 1 and year 2. In the current academic year we have given over £10000 worth of instruments to optometry students . During covid a similar value of PPE items was donated to care homes and people who were self isolating. Lastly we were one of the first companies within the optical industry to donate items to Ukraine [ppe and clothing]. This donation was not dependent on product purchases made by customers..

If you have any further questions or queries please let us know?