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Student Comments

Your generosity is greatly appreciated throughout the optometry team.
Plymouth University

A new study has rated Louis Stone Optical Ltd as “STRONG”

Congragulations your company has been rated as “STRONG” in a recent analysis of the largest Ophthalmic Instrument companies in the UK. This is the highest accolade we award and reflects your excellent performance over the last 12 months.
Senior Analyst Plimsoll Business Intelligence

I am delighted with the service I received from Louis Stone Optical. All aspects of the service were promptly attended to. Id like to personally thank Gaynor for her professional approach towards customer service. She exceeded my expectations with her kind and friendly approach.
2nd year optometry student, UK university

I would like to confirm receipt of my 90D Volk lens. Thank you for your exceptional service. Item received in perfect condition. I will recommend Louis Stone to all my colleagues.
Optometrist - Health Board

I am writing to you as I have been awarded the prize for the best performance in Abnormal Ocular Conditions module for the class of 2016-17 at my UNIVERSITY. I would like to thank Louis Stone Optical for the prize you donated for this award.
3rd year graduate, UK university

Thank you so much for the quick delivery of my trial frame which took only 3 days from order.
1st year student, HKong University

Thank you for exceeding all our expectations with your service and very helpful advice. More orders should be following.
2nd year optometry student, NZealand University

We will have several pre reg starting shortly with our company, thank you for your ongoing support and the helpful product leaflets, pd rulers and pens you have sent them.

Four students will be doing their pre reg year with us, thank you for the items you have sent them and for keeping in touch.

Thats brilliant, thank you very much for once again supporting our department with a prize for best in third year in a particular field of study.

Requested 2 instruments you don’t normally stock Wednesday, we received them Friday. Magic, what a super service.

We have now played our first netball game of the season in the University Department League. The girls really like the new kit you sponsored and all say thank you!

Thank you for the Louis Stone prize for Top Student in Year 2. I am very proud to have received the award and will put the cheque towards a Volk Lens.

I am contacting you in my role as acting Head of the School of Optometry & Vision Sciences to thank you for giving prizes to students who have excelled in certain fields of optometry.

I have recently received the award for Top Student Year 1 and wanted to thank you for your generous prize. It was a lovely surprise.

Regarding repairing my Oculus free of charge. Thats great news! Thank you so much, I'll be telling my colleagues of the fantastic service you provide

I recently bought an Oculus from you and realised it wasn't what I required after just a few days. Once you received it, you immediately credited it with no fuss or quibbles. My friend was in a similar situation but unfortunately bought her frame from a different company. They refused to credit it saying unless it had a defect they were not interested.

Thank you for my Volk 78D ordered yesterday afternoon and received this morning. My parents said this is how good service used to be.

I have just saved nearly £10 by buying a Volk from you even though your headline price was slightly more expensive than another supplier. This was because you offer free delivery and other suppliers wanted to charge.

I have now recommended you to students on my course and told them to always look at your website, facebook & twitter.

I just want to say thank you for providing an affordable trial set. It arrived today and having a quick look through and playing with the lenses, I am very impressed with the quality.

I shall be practising areas of my subjective routine over the summer, ready for the start of the second year in October.

Many thanks again

Received my order within 24 hours, what a great service!

Thank you for engraving my surname on my Volk Superfield, now if anybody borrows it they know who it belongs to!

The student kit of 12 instruments was recommended to me as essential for my pre reg year by my supervisor.

I have been really impressed with your student friendly pricing! Please keep up the good work and don't change!

At last a company that can supply Occulus Trial Frame parts.

Optical Instruments for Optometry Students
& Pre Reg Optometrist

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Which is the best way to contact you?

For all orders and enquiries either email us at or alternatively you can ring us on 029 2073 5293.

Why do you have two separate priced instrument catalogues?

One pricelist is for optometrists and optical companies and the other is an exclusive lower pricelist for students and pre-reg only.

Do you sell instruments worldwide and what are the procedures for making an online purchase?

We welcome all export orders and have been selling instruments to students and optometrists worldwide for over 10 years to places including Romania, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Germany, Greece and France. You can order online by clicking here. A minimum delivery charge of ST£34.95 is automatically billed as we use a door to door courier service. If delivery charge is above this price we will inform you immediately. No vat or other uk local taxes are charged, and you will only be responsible for taxes or local customs charges (if any) in your country of delivery. When filling out payment details regarding student id and university name - put EXPORT for both and order will process.

What is your position regarding guarantees/replacements?

All instruments are guaranteed for up to 12 months (Volks having a 10 year guarantee on lens), for defects in materials and workmanship. We cannot be held responsible for wear and tear, misuse of instruments or poor maintenance. Where instructions are provided with instruments, always adhere to contents. For guarantee/warranty always have your original invoice details and product information to hand. We will endeavour to replace any broken instrument immediately.

What is the position on with payment of VAT?

VAT is only charged on UK orders. Export orders made outside the UK are not charged VAT.

How soon will I receive my order?

As we keep a good inventory in stock if we receive your order by 4.00pm any weekday it will be sent out overnight. For delays of more than 5 working days we will keep you informed. Due to high demand, engraved Volks and certain less popular models may take up to 28 days to be delivered.

I am a student at City University, can I now have my order sent direct to City University?

Yes, all orders are now being sent direct to:

City University
'Goods In' - Spencer Street
FAO: SHS help desk Mydletton,
Northampton Square

Prior to delivery the help desk will be emailed with details of all students receiving orders the following day. We will also be emailing Bhavika with the same information.

What is your position regarding orders sent to home addresses?

As we keep a good inventory in stock if we receive your order by 4.00pm any weekday it will be sent out overnight. Delays of more than 5 days we will keep you informed. Depending on value of order delivery will be either by 1st Class Post, Recorded Post, Royal Mail Special Delivery or in certain curcumstances due to value via courier. Delivery is made to property front door. Due to insurance requirements a delivery cannot be left in a porch, shed, garage or wheelie bin etc......

If I am not at home for delivery can the postman leave the parcel next door?

Regrettably we cannot be held responsible for this type of delivery should parcel go astray, neither are we able to instruct delivery company to contact you by mobile phone on day of delivery.

I have received a City Rule in Blue and my mother has told me that the picture in the catalogue is in a Green colour?

If you look more clearly you will see that the Blue is a protective film which can be removed.

I notice that there is a new version of storage case being supplied with all orders of new Volk, could you update me?

Correct, Volk lenses from Dec 1st 2017 are now being supplied in the new style storage case. The release of the new case was never communicated to us in time to inform all new Volk purchasers of this change. Unfortunately we cannot replace the new style case with the old style case or vice versa. This is due to us being an authorized distributor whereas this decision would have to be made by the manufacturer.

Should you wish to comment on the old and new cases please email and your feedback will be forwarded to the manufacturer.

Meanwhile :

1] New engraved orders will be delivered in the new case style.

2] Non engraved Volks if supplied from our current stock will be delivered in old style case until stocks are exhausted.

3] New stock will then be sent out in the new style case.

I want to order a Volk with my name engraved, how long would this take?

Due to high demand, engraved Volks and certain models may take up to 28 days to be delivered. This is due to manufacturer being abroad and using a precision method to prevent case or lens cracking.

I know there is a 3-4 week wait for engraved Volks and some coloured Volks - when will the other part of my order be delivered?

We normally deliver the order complete to avoid confusion of part orders. Of course if you need an instrument other than your Volk urgently, please request and we will send it out immediately.

I have had a Volk for 4 months, which I cant get use to. Could I swap it for a different Volk?

As long as your Volk is not damaged, please return it with its case & box and invoice details. If there is a price difference we will let you know by return. Regretfully we cannot replace engraved Volks.

How should I clean my Volk?

Always clean with a cloth not too firmly in a clockwise direction only. Always strictly adhere to the cleaning instructions enclosed with your order.

I know your prices are very competitive on Volks & Oculus Trial Frames but I have seen lower prices on other company websites?

  • Louis Stone has been in the optical industry for over 64 years. We do not hide behind PO Box numbers. Our full address and contact numbers are on our website and all of our literature. Over 500 students and customers visited our offices and warehouse last year.
  • Always check these instruments are genuine, there are a lot of fake Oculus UB4s from the Far East on several websites. In the last 6 months a number of lookalike Volks have also appeared on websites.
  • Always check carriage charges. What might appear a lower headline price soon becomes a higher price when £7-£10 of carriage comes into the calculation.
  • We offer free delivery on all on all orders over £35+ (exclusive of VAT and delivery charge) delivered to a UK university department or UK mainland optical practice.
  • Always make sure you receive a fully detailed VAT invoice and Œ medical devices number.
  • Always retain invoice and any product instructions.
  • All of our Volks & Oculus Trial Frames are genuine products and guaranteed.

I have seen an Oculus Trial Frame with all sorts of different colours. Why don't you stock it in your range?

This model is the Oculus 42550 and can only be used in conjunction with an Oculus Trial Set. If you require this Trial Frame we can obtain it along with the Trial Set.

When making adjustments to my Oculus Trial Frame are there any Parameters?

Always refer and read carefully the instruction book that you will receive with this instrument. Temple and Bridge adjustments should always be carried out carefully.

Is there a new ergonomic Oculus UB4 Trial Frame (42500) on the market?

No, however there is a new ergonomic Oculus Trial Frame which has been recently released called the UB 6 (42600) which can take up to 6 trial set lens and has many other up to date features. Louis Stone is the only official UK Oculus Distributor stocking the UB 6 (42600) trial frame which can be viewed by clicking here.

I want to purchase an Ishihara Colour Test Book, but have been told there are various versions being sold, have you any advice?

There are many versions being sold with the description Ishihara type or similar to Ishihara. Louis Stone Optical only sell the original Ishihara 10/24/24/38 plate tests, and are an appointed distributor for the only official publisher of the Ishihara Colour Test Book. You will also see our Ishihara prices are very competitive with free delivery.

I have noticed that you are supplying the Oculus in a different box to the one that other colleagues of mine have, also this box is of no use for storage, what has happened?

Oculus recently decided to change their packaging, which has resulted in a box with no storage facility. Fortunately (at our expense) we have produced a suitable box for storage and have repackaged all Oculus trial frames so that this problem has now been solved.

Is it true that there is a new ergonomic trial frame that has been released by Oculus called the Oculus Universal UB6?

Yes after a number of years Oculus have brought out a new universal trial frame the UB6. Louis Stone as far as we know are the only official UK distributor who have the Oculus UB6 in stock. It has the advantage of the front lens holder taking 4 separate lens.

We know you supply a lot of student products but do you support any student optometry activities such as social events and charity causes?

As a company Louis Stone have always where possible supported optometry students events and charitable causes. During the year we contribute to Student Society Balls via sponsorship/ raffle prizes, awards for best in year students, sponsored and lent equipment for optometry department course and sent equipment to university teams travelling to countries abroad where eyecare services are urgently in need.

If you have any further questions or queries please let us know?